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Agrinox 304 and Agrinox 3½

Stainless steel wire AISI 304 18/10. The guarantee for a long lasting wire.
Agrinox 304, Consortium's stainless steel wire solves all kind of problems in viticulture. For instance it is essential in every implant that requires a long lasting and inalterable wire, in order to hold up fruit trees, arbour or espaliers.
Agrinox 304, thanks to its special resistence, never causes problems such as maintenance or vegetation's cuts because Agrinox 304 is perfectly smooth and totally unwrinkled.

The worthwhile stainless steel: cheaper than galvanized wires and aluminium-zinc
Nowadays raw material are more and more expensive so that Consortium decided to develop some studies about stainless steels and finally Consortium presented a new inox wire that has different chemical composition (minimum Nichel 3,50%) than other wires. This new kind of wire is similar to AISI 304 and it's called AGRINOX. In laboratory Agrinox achieved similar results to vitifil, concerning both resistence to corrosion and mechanical qualities.
Agrinox is a austenitic, unmagnetic wire that preserves inox 18/10 advantages, but also it allow you to save money thank to its very low price.
That's why today there's no need to use galvanized wires..

Agrinox 304 and Agrinox 3½ advantages
- They are integral wires (not plated)
- They are long lasting (last longer than plants' vital cycle)
- Unlimited guarantee
- Consent a lower use of wire than other implants (systems)
- Ultimate solution for every kind of vineyards (ideal for mechanical harvesting)
- Chemical products resistance (it may get dirty but never deteriorate)
- Easy installation
- Ideal coupling with metallic poles, resistance high-qualities, big stability, minimum lengthening, suitable for alimentary contact (it doesn't release polluting substances)

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A historical quality

Since 1988, the purpose of Consortium spa has always been that of offering the best products, to satisfy every kind of specific and technical use. This attention to the costumers' requests and needs, allowed Consortium to be renowed as a leader company all over Italy for its supply of materials used in viticulture and fruit-growing. Moreover, for what concerns wires, thanks to its great experience in metallurgy, Consortium spa has always successfully proposed stainless steel wires.
After many years of experiments tried both in laboratory and in fields, stainless steel has been chosen because of its very high-ranking qualities: long lasting endurance and stability.
Also thanks to adequate processes of wiredrawn (metal) , stainless steel wires confirm themselves in the market for their best quality/price relating.
The subsequent diffusion of technical machines, especially grape-picker machine, in modern vineyards, has underlined the importance of Consortium's stainless wire.