Measures: 55x68mm. thickness 2mm. It has holes on the sides every 10cm. This holes allow to insert the special wire-stretchers rollers (art. 4-14) to have an easy and correct wire-stretch.
The width permits a perfect entrance for the grape picker machines, and a smaller opening of the harvesting plates in order to avoid any loss of product, so that to differ from the heading poles of bigger dimensions (wooden poles).
On the final part of the pole there are 3 series of holes 70-80-90cm distant from the basis to consent the application of a un-breackthrough lock-plate (art 6-09).
On the sides there are winglets that can stop the rollers’ gudgeon, and hook the inox chains of the movable wires that lift up the vegetation.

Approx. weight per linear mt.
3,60 Kg
Thickness after galvanizing
2,15 mm
Average zinc coating
70÷90 μm
Max height (for galvanized poles)

55 mm
68 mm
3 mt



  • Cor-ten Steel type
  • Zinc-Magnesium Steel type
  • Stainless Steel
  • Painted Steel
  • Pre-Galvanized Steel Roofing Felt